September 4, 2013

Yesterday I found a chest of vintage fabric by the side of the road that someone was throwing out. I’m going to tell you this and silently hope that we are all okay with the idea of finding fabric by the side of the road and making it into clothes. I am, but my mum is probably not, and no matter how many times I washed and hung the fabric out to dry in the sun, she would think it was dirty.

Anyway, there were some beautiful prints. I’m going to make the blue print (which is much prettier in real life) into a skirt or a summer shirt, and the flower print corduroy into a pair of summer shorts. There were bolts of dark brown and purple corduroy that will be made into shorts and pants for James, and the rest I’m not sure. Some high end summer fashion up in here! So curious about who owned this fabric tucked away for so long, and the clothes they intended to make but never did.

  1. starryowl5 said: LOVE it!
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